About Team 3926

We are a team that allows students to explore their interest in STEM as well as develop their people skills. We allow for space to grow and nurture passions in order to create a future generation of engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Our goal is to foster a plethora of integral skills, ranging from public speaking to building and design in order to create the most holistic view of engineering possible. We hope to embody a spirit of innovation, problem solving, and exploration through building robots. While every skill is valued, we encourage each student to find a specific place on the team, where they can learn flourish, then lead.


Operations Team

Build Team

On the Build team, the main goals are constructing a reliable drive base and designing mechanisms for the robot. Build team members use their engineering skills to create a CAD model of the robot, cut or construct the parts they need in the shop, and test and iterate on the mechanisms they've designed. 

The Operations team reaches out to potential sponsors to help raise funds for the team. The ops team keeps current sponsors informed about the team’s progress through social media, newsletters and the team website. Ops team conducts outreach through phone calls, emails, presentations, and lab tours. Ops members learn better communication skills and expand their writing from just essays to newsletters, emails and brochures. 

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Code Team

The Code team writes commands for the robot using the programming language Java. Coders work to program different classes and functions to control different aspects of the robot's actions. Coding gives team members opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge of computer science and programming.  


The Electronics team takes the frame the Build team creates, and gives the robot the necessary equipment, motors, and power to move and sense its environment. The team integrates sensors and motors into a cohesive system on the electronics plate. Electronics challenges team members to be organized, dedicated, and hone their technical skills. The Electronics and Coding teams work closely together to ensure that systems and components built by the Electronics team are programmed properly.



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